In Development


  • The default database location in production mode (DEVELOPMENT == False) changed from ${BASE_DIR}/heliport.sqlite3 to /var/lib/heliport/heliport.sqlite3.

  • The monitoring extra for the Flower monitor was removed as it wasn’t well integrated in the repo and lacked instructions due to not being used by the maintainers.

  • HELIPORT is now running on Django 4.1.

  • The main JavaScript and CSS libraries are now installed with yarn and bundled with webpack. Some CSS and JavaScript is managed using django-vendor-files and will be moved into the webpack setup eventually.

  • HELIPORT now provides heliport-cli as a convenience command for the Django script.

  • The minimum required Poetry version is now 1.2.


Release date: 2022-11-24

This is the first release after some major restructuring in the HELIPORT codebase and infrastructure. Future releases will provide more detailed information about the changes that were introduced.