To deploy HELIPORT on your machine, clone the repo to /opt and create an env file by copying the provided example. The deployment script expects the env file to be located at /root/HELIPORT.env.

cp heliport_config/.env.dist /root/HELIPORT.env

The env file has to be manually edited to provide secret keys and make the desired changes. The comments in the file will guide you in the process.

Then run the deployment script, optionally specifying all desired package extras in the HELIPORT_EXTRAS variable:

export HELIPORT_EXTRAS="pgsql ldap"
./scripts/ deploy

This will copy the env file as well as service files into the right place, create directories which are required, and start all necessary systemd units.

To access the virtual environment created in the deployment script, run poetry shell while inside the heliport directory.