UNICORE Interaction

To be able to access UNICORE resources from HELIPORT, you first need to add a login info with your UNICORE credentials. To do this, go to Settings and click on the “Manage Logins” button. Now, in the “Add a Login” section, add a login of type “username and password”. The “Name of this login info” field has to be set to “UNICORE”. In the “Username” and “Password” fields, enter your UNICORE credentials.

After entering your credentials, you can go to your project page, and under Systems → UNICORE, access your resources.

If you want HELIPORT to automatically associate your UNICORE jobs with the correct HELIPORT project, the job descriptions must contain a tag heliport-project-X, where X is the ID of your project. If you want UNICORE to notify HELIPORT whenever the status of your job changes, you can set the Notification field of the job description to the /unicore/notify/ endpoint of the HELIPORT instance. You can find the full URL on the UNICORE page under Systems.

Here is an example job description that can be used for the HELIPORT instance at HZDR. Please make sure to edit the Tags section according to your project.

  "Name": "A simple hello world program",
  "Notification": "https://vlsdms.fz-rossendorf.de/unicore/notify/",
  "Executable": "echo",
  "Arguments": ["Hello", "World"],
  "Tags": ["heliport-project-91", "test", "tutorial"]