FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


How many projects can I create?

There are no limits in the number of HELIPORT projects. You can create even projects for small simulations. We are working on approaches to combine projects and to allow inheritance.

Do I need to register for HELIPORT?

No, all HZDR employees can access our internal HELIPORT system using their existing HZDR account. Username, email and your full name will be transfered from the HZDR database.

External interested users can create an account on our Demo instance.

Can anyone access my project?

No. Each new project is private by default. You can add project members to provide access. Public projects are planned in the future.

Where does the name HELIPORT come from?

HELIPORT is an acronym and stands for:

  • HElmholtz
  • ScIentific
  • Project
  • WORkflow
  • PlaTform

What is a typical life cycle of a research project in HELIPORT?

Essential stages of an research experiment are represented by HELIPORT in an overall project plan. The project plan itsself orients at a lifecycle starting with a proposal or just a new project. In addition to the entire project flow, computational workflows are also managed via the system in order to document all work steps as seamlessly as possible according to the FAIR principles, and to publish them later.

Can I consider my data to be safe on HELIPORT?

No, at the moment we are in the prototyping phase.