Project Deliverables

D1 — Concept for a modular system architecture and metadata schema based on DataCite

March 2022



This deliverable contains our efforts in a modular system architecture combining different metadata sources. First of all we developed a draft for the metadata representation of a HELIPORT project. The schema was generated using an example project and published in the data repository RODARE. The metadata schema is still under development and this entry will be updated to reflect further developments.
Another component is our effort to develop an experiment specific metadata schema for the High Intensity Laser (HIL) community. For this, HMC-supported discussions were started within the community.

Example Project Plan generated by HELIPORT
GitLab community project: Metadaten for HIL and experiments
HMC Mattermost Channel: Metadata in the laser community
HELIPORT Project Meeting June 2022 in Jena

D2 — Concept for an CWL integration and extension for UNICORE

January 2022



This document contains a brief overview of the Common Workflow Language (CWL), as well as an overview of workflow execution in UNICORE. We then present the concept of how we plan to run tasks and workflows described in CWL in a UNICORE infrastructure. The chosen approach follows CWL „best practices“ by providing a client-side runner tool that parses CWL documents, translates them to UNICORE‘s JSON job description and workflow description formats and then launches UNICORE jobs / workflows. We give an initial roadmap for providing the client-side runner tool.


D3 — Prototype with basic Components (Project Flow, User Management and basic Scientific Workflow) as initial software version

April 2021



The first version of the guidance system HELIPORT aims to make the entire life cycle of a project at the HZDR searchable, accessible, complete and reusable according to the FAIR principles, mentioned below. In particular, our data management solution deals with the areas from the generation of the data to the publication of primary research data, the workflows carried out and the actual research results. For this purpose, a concept was developed which shows the various essential components and their connections.

HELIPORT GitLab project
Demo instance
Data publication: HELIPORT (HELmholtz ScIentific Project WORkflow PlaTform)