The guidance system HELIPORT aims to make the entire life cycle of a project at the HZDR findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable according to the FAIR principles, mentioned below. In particular, our data management solution deals with the areas from the generation of the data to the publication of primary research data, the workflows carried out and the actual research results. For this purpose, a concept was developed which shows the various essential components and their connections. Descriptions of the individual components can be found in our HZDR Data Management Strategy.

Intuitive and structured user interface

The clearly structured user interface of HELIPORT let's you easily create, manage and create scientific projects. In the future an Elasticsearch powered search backend will help you find information from other (similar) projects to compare and improve your methods and workflows with other projects.

Reproducible Workflows

With our integration of computational workflows (CWL, ...) we can automate computations dealing with metadata available in HELIPORT.

Digital Objects and Handles

Each object registered in HELIPORT can be equipped with a globally unique Persistant Identifier (PID) with the HZDR prefix 20.500.12865.

Multiple visibility levels

We know that not every data or piece of software can be made publicly available. Therefore, HELIPORT supports three different levels of visibility for your project:

  • Open Access
  • Restricted Access
  • Closed Access
Please note that the public projects feature is in development and available in a furture releases.

Integration of external systems

You want to use initial proposal metadata or register your software repository in your project? You can extend a HELIPORT instance with plugins to integrate external systems or services that are relevant in your institution.

Project Metadata

You want to register your software in your project? Use HELIPORT to integrate your software in your research experiment.


HELIPORT exposes a REST API which provides programmatic access to all incorporated systems. This allows for easy integration into your experiment's control software.